Naval style !

Ralph Lauren rescue vest in perfect condition (size S, fits like a Medium): 70 euros. SOLD

Güllit for Le Magasin Général !

Black Wilson varsity letterman from 1950 (size medium): 150 euros. SOLD
White Dehen varsity letterman from 1950 (size medium): 150 euros.
Ralph Lauren chino golfer pants (size 32): 60 euros.
Vintage brogue shoes (size 8): 60 euros.

Summer essentials !

 1940-1950 faded french worker jacket with beautiful scarves, no holes (size L): 70 euros. SOLD
(Veste de travail vintage des années 1940-1950).
 James Dean story, the book in French language: 20 euros. SOLD
(Le livre consacré au parangon de l'élégance, monsieur James Dean).
Rare Ray Ban vintage Bausch & Lomb made in USA: 110 euros. SOLD
(Ray Ban vintage, modèle rare des années 80).
Italian Navy chambray cap from 1987 (size L): 25 euros. SOLD
(Casquette de la marine nationale Italienne, deadstock des années 80).

In the army !

 Ralph Lauren US army air corps vest (size XL): 80 euros. SOLD
Gilet des forces armées USA par Ralph Lauren.
 Levi's Big E LVC 519 bedford pant in excellent condition (size 31 x 32): 70 euros. SOLD
Pantalon Levi's vintage clothing.
Ray Ban clubmaster vintage Bausch & Lomb made in USA: 50 euros.
Paire de lunettes Ray Ban clubmaster 
(il y'a une correction sur les verres, paire à utiliser pour sa monture).

Cabinet of curiosities !

Stone marten taxidermy trophy (length 65cm): 70 euros. SOLD
(fouine empaillée, taxidermie Deyrolles)
Vintage pharmacy bottles (25cm): 18 euros each.
Vintage pharmacy bottles (21cm): 15 euros each.
(bouteille de pharmacie vintage, verre ambre)

Mister Paisley !

 Grocery store jacket in moleskine (size L): 25 euros.
Length collar to bottom: 76 cm.
Shoulder to shoulder: 50 cm.
Length of the arms: 60 cm.
 Ralph Lauren paisley shirt (custom fit L): 40 euros.
Length collar to bottom: 77 cm.
Shoulder to shoulder: 47 cm.
Length of the arms: 63 cm.
Our Legacy vintage chino pants, with a nice scar ( size 44): 20 euros.

Working class !

Vintage french worker jacket size M from the 40's! (beautiful scarves): 60 euros. SOLD
Nike vintage sneakers (size 45): 20 euros.

Harder, better, faster, Wrangler !

Wrangler Vintage boy jeans (Kid size): 20 euros.
34,5cm de large à plat à la taille / 102cm de long.
Wrangler Vintage girl jeans (Kide size): 20 euros.
30cm de large de large à plat à la taille / 96cm de long.

The Real Mc Coy's !

The Real Mc Coy's sweater made in Japan (size M): 70 euros. SOLD
Harley Davidson vintage buckle: 10 euros.

Prince Charles style!

 Paco Rabanne vintage double breasted jacket (shoulder to shoulder 45cm / sleeves 62cm / lenght from the top to the bottom 80cm): 35 euros. SOLD.
 Ralph Lauren oxford shirt (size L): 25 euros. SOLD

Souvenir from Japan!

 Vintage souvenir jacket from Japan (size M): 120 euros. SOLD
Adam Kimmel black suede brogues (size 45 = 10 US): 110 euros.

Militaria !

Seyntex camo vintage shirt (size L): 30euros.
(47cm shoulder to shoulder / 66cm sleeves / 83cm length)
Bandana made in u.s.a: 7 euros. (free shipping). SOLD.

Ivy League !

 Vintage Ralph Lauren white oxford shirt (size L): 20 euros.
Varsity letterman sweater from the 60's, pure wool (size S): 90 euros. SOLD

In the navy !

Marine National french navy sweater (size M): 25 euros.
(Shoulder to shoulder 44cm / Sleeves 62cm / Lenght 69cm)
Vintage tropical cap: 15 euros. SOLD

In front of the chimney !

 Norwegian sweater for girls: 30 euros. SOLD
(size M - length 65cm, 56cm pit to pit, length of the arms 49cm)
Cool "Indian" leather belt: 15 euros.

The French Sailor !

French sailor sweater (tricot Breizh) from Brittany (size M): 30 euros.
French Sailor decoration: 25 euros.

On top with my down jacket !

Sierra Design down jacket (size L): 35 euros. SOLD
Ralph Lauren Denim oxford shirt (size XL) (the tag is M but this is a very Large shirt): 30 euros.
Vans canvas & leather shoes (size 11 = 45): 20 euros.

Real men wear letterman !

Brownie camera with leather bag: 12 euros. SOLD

Original Dehen knitting letterman sweater from the 50's: 150 euros.
100% wool. There are no rips, stains, pulling or pills.
Seems to be a Medium size (Tag marked 40). 
Underarm to underarm/ chest / bust 22" (44")
Length 26 1/2. Sleeves 25 1/2"